Did TrueDark glasses improve my deep sleep?

Last night I got more deep sleep than I’ve had in a long time.

According to my Oura Ring stats, I had 1h 54m of deep sleep out of a total sleep time of 5h 52m.

Deep Sleep - 5/7/23

Prior to this, I’ve mostly been getting around 1 hour or less of deep restorative sleep every night.

The sleep hack I focused on last night was to wear my TrueDark glasses an hour before I went to bed and to not take them off until I was sliding into bed in a very dark room.

Did TrueDark glasses improve my deep sleep?

I’ll continue with this strategy for a while and see if I can continue to get more deep sleep consistently.

I seem to be moving in a positive direction. I appreciated seeing this message from Oura when I checked my sleep stats this morning:

Sleep Rhythm - 5/7/23

Today I have felt pretty good and been reasonably productive. My goal is to continue to improve my sleep quality so that I can grow healthier, have more energy and become a lot more productive and powerful in life.

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